Letters from Readers

I’m fortunate to receive appreciative letters from readers. Parents, teachers, librarians, college students, and young readers have written to me about my books.

Here are a few letters from my collection:

“Hi Shelley, Thank you so much for writing such wonderful books. The Tabby Towers series is incredibly popular. I always have a waiting list to check the books out. They are just right for first chapter books. At our elementary school, I am doing book clubs this spring for the after-school program and want to choose one of the Adventures at Hound Hotel series–Growling Gracie or Mighty Murphy or Cool Crosby. We want to purchase 8-10 paperback copies …” ~Julie, Librarian, California, USA

“Hi Shelley, I heard you wrote all the Hound Hotel books. I’m Norah, I am 6 years old. I love all your Hound Hotel books. My favorite dog is a Corgi. So I want to know if you can write a Hound Hotel book about a Corgi? I was going to think of a name for the Corgi, but I want you to surprise me. Thanks so much for writing my favorite books.” ~Norah, Wisconsin, USA

“I love adventures at Hound Hotel. But my favorite book is Drooling Dudley! Because he is so funny and he skateboards! I want you to write more of them. Please.” ~Adam, Wisconsin, USA

“Hello! I teach 2nd grade … and my students love your Adventures at Hound Hotel books … Thanks for writing your books and getting kids excited to read!” ~Kirsten, Teacher, Wisconsin, USA

“Dear Mrs. Sateren, I enjoyed reading the Adventures at the Hound Hotel, Growling Gracie. I have a field golden retriever named Daisy. She is very active and friendly and also very ‘hairy.’ However, Daisy would never bite someone’s butt like Gracie did in the book. Speaking of Gracie, why did you make her bite Alfie’s butt?… I look forward to reading your other Hound Hotel books.” ~Hanna, Illinois, USA

Shelley's Fan Letter

“Hello … I’m in third grade. I have a biography project in school. I like your books of ‘Adventures at Tabby Towers’ so I decided to write about you … I want to ask … if you can make more of Adventures at Tabby Towers. I read all of those books but I would like another one, cause they are just so entertaining … P.S. I want to ask you, where were you born?!” ~Natalie, location unknown

“Ms. Swanson-Sateren, I just read your book, ‘The Humane Societies: A Voice for the Animals’ and I wanted to tell you that I absolutely love it. I am a junior at the University of Wisconsin … and I am in their School of Education to become an Elementary Education teacher. I also volunteer at my local shelter, the Washington County Humane Society. For my Education Psychology class …  I did a search for a book to go along with the lesson and I found your book. It is exactly what I wanted! … Someday, when I am done teaching in the traditional way, I would like to do something that integrates education, pet therapy and benefits the humane society and I think your book is perfect for the education part. I wanted to tell you how inspired I am by your book–it tells everything the way it is in shelters across the country. I will use it in my classroom when the time comes and in other areas of my life. Thanks so much.” ~Katie, Wisconsin, USA

“Dear Ms. Sateren, Please find enclosed the filled-up circulation card for your book ‘Cat on a Hottie’s Tin Roof.’ Please note that this filled up in just over two years. We have some books that are original to the building (built in 1969) in which the cards are still half filled. You should be pleased … Girls are my most avid readers, and it can be hard to keep them in amusing books which also have some more serious issues … Thanks for writing. Good books make my job easier.” ~Karen, Librarian, Ohio, USA

“Dear Ms. Sateren, I loved ‘Cat on a Hottie’s Tin Roof’! Can you please write another book like that, because I really liked this book?… I never wanted to put the book down … It’s like the book was made especially for me. I have sooooooo many ideas for your next book. I’ll list them for you …” ~Jaclyn, New York, USA

“Dear Mrs. Sateren, … I really like ‘Cat on a Hottie’s Tin  Roof’!! I love all of the characters! Also, the ending is great! I love how the climax flows steadily to the end, unlike some books that just stop in one abrupt halt. I can’t wait until your next book is finished!! … Feel free to write back!!” ~Mary, Minnesota, USA

“Dear Shelley Swanson Sateren, I loved your book ‘CAT on a hottie’s tin roof.’ Cathy is a lot like me. My B.F.F. (Best Friend Forever) moved to Wisconsin, and I have no contact with her, none at all. I’m also a brainiac … I’m trying to make a new friend … The only reason I can’t really make friends with her is: SHE DOESN’T SPEAK ENGLISH! Only Vietnamese … I love your books and find them an inspiration. Keep writing great books and making kids smile!… Your 4th grade reader, Maria. P.S. You can make a book about me, if you want. P.P.S. Please write back!” ~Maria, Minnesota, USA