My Fiction

I’ve had twenty-five children’s fiction books published (Capstone, Random House). My books include twelve easy readers, twelve chapter books, and one middle grade novel.

My easy readers contribute to the Max and Zoe series, about two fun-loving best friends and their misadventures (for grades K-2).

My chapter books (for grades 2-3) include eight titles in the Adventures at Hound Hotel series and four in the Adventures at Tabby Towers series. I created them both, and humor and mishaps abound. The books are popular with boys and girls alike.

Hound Hotel and Tabby Towers are published in both the US and the UK. Many of the books have been translated into Spanish and Romanian.

Here are the Romanian titles:

Here are the Spanish titles:


I also wrote a humorous, contemporary, middle-grade novel, Cat on a Hottie’s Tin Roof (Delacorte/Random House). I sent a copy of Cat to Capstone Press’s editor-in-chief, which led to the Max and Zoe contracts, which led to Hound Hotel, which led to the Tabby Towers contract. Thank you Random House and Capstone!

Woof, woof, MEOW! (Translation: Reading is FUN!)


Below are two illustrations from the Tabby Towers series. Oh yes, they’re meowingly adorable. Many thanks to illustrator Deborah Melmon.

And below are sample pages and illustrations from the Hound Hotel series. Enjoy!


HH PHOTO, Spread, Freddie

HH PHOTO, Spread, Molly

HH PHOTO, spread, Gracie

HH PHOTO, Spread, Herbie

HH PHOTO, Alfreeda & Freddie

HH PHOTO, Gracie & Twinkles

HH PHOTO, Freddie

HH PHOTO, Alfreeda & Gracie

HH PHOTO, Alfreeda & Herbie